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If you can imagine it. We can build it.

Custom Reef Aquarium from Miracles Aquariums, custom tank builder.

Custom Tank Builds

The lead time on custom jobs vary with each configuration but are generally from 4 to 8 weeks. Every aquarium demonstrates our experience and pride in workmanship, a quality product is assured and warranted. Our experts can assist you with design advice for, bracing options or custom filtration to ensure peak performance.

At Miracles, we like to do the job right. We consult with our engineer on custom tanks to ensure that the weight and water pressures are properly calculated so the appropriate glass thickness is always used. 


Why purchase a standard aquarium that you have to fit into your decor?  Design a custom aquarium system and create something uniquely your own.

Shipping available across the U.S. & Canada.


Make sure you know the dimensions of the tank you want, we can cut glass to your specification but standard sizes will be more cost effective. If you need holes drilled for drains or return lines, work out where you want them, internal or external overflow option.  Do you want STARPHIRE® glass and if so which sides . 


If you have a design drawing it will speed up the process. It does not need to be fancy, just something with your tank dimensions and hole or baffle locations.
*Starphire is a registered trademark of Vitro Flat Glass, LLC

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How big should my sump be?

Approximately 1/3 the size of your display tank or as big as you can get it under your stand.

What info do you need?

Dimensions & options such as number of holes, style of overflow, standard or STARPHIRE® glass, bracing, silcone colour etc.

Do I need a brace on my tank?

 It depends on the size and glass thickness. Rimless tanks have thicker glass and no braces.

Do I need to put foam under it?

We recommend 5/8” standard styrofoam under the tank, not the insulating “pink” foam”.  Freight customers will be supplied styrofoam.

Which overflow style is best?

They all work very well. Dependant on tank size and system requirements we can recommend one.

Do you delivery tanks?

Shipping is available across North America or of course you can pick up at our factory. Delivery is available to the GTA, Hamilton, and Waterloo.


For our Warranty terms or to Register your new tank please download our Warranty Registration Form


Please also note that Wave Generators apply long-term, dynamic stresses on the glass and sealants used in the construction of aquariums. For this reason, Miracles in Glass will not honour any warranty claims for glass or sealant failure of any aquarium which has been exposed to dynamic pressures exerted by wave generators.

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