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From the smallest to the largest tanks. We have it all.

Fish Store

Standard Aquariums

Miracles Aquariums Standard Tank range in size from 2 gallons to 220 gallons. Miracles uses only the highest quality Silicone available.

Miracles aquariums are built with glass thicknesses that give you a safety factor greater than the industry standard. Our Company does not outsource. We stock 3mm to 19mm clear glass and 6mm to 12mm and 19mm STARPHIRE® (Low iron) glass. Miracles aquariums are manufactured entirely at our state of the art facility. Our glass is machine washed prior to fabrication and all aquariums with glass 10mm or thicker glass are machine polished to achieve the greatest edge strength possible.

STARPHIRE® Aquariums

Have your standard size tank made with crystal clear STARPHIRE® glass for that Miracles quality.*

After being made, each aquarium is carefully washed with special cleaners. All excess silicone is trimmed off and each aquarium is triple checked for imperfections and debris before being boxed ready for shipping to our customers. We take care to visually inspect each tank to ensure the best quality possible.

* STARPHIRE® glass pricing differs from standard tanks.

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Chameleon on a Branch

Reptile Showcases

They are made out of thinner glass than aquariums and are note meant to hold water. We offer fitted screen lids for all standard cages or fitted screens and sliding doors on our showcase models. See Dimensions and Pricing below for sizes.

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